Caliph Hazrat Hazrat Ali ul Murtaza – 4th Caliph in islam

Hazrat Ali(razi,ala,tala,anh)
Hazrat Ali(razi,ala,tala,anh) was the son of Abu Talib, an uncle of the Holy Prophet(sal,lal,la,ho,alai,he,wasalam). He belonged to the tribe of Banu Hashim. He was born in Makkah ten years before the first revelation to Muhammad(sal,lal,la,ho,alai,he,wasalam). The Holy Prophet(sal,lal,la,ho,alai,he,wasalam) took him under his care and protection from a very young age. Throughout his life he was closely associated with the Holy Prophet(sal,lal,la,ho,alai,he,wasalam)“”.
He married the youngest daughter of the Holy Prophet(sal,lal,la,ho,alai,he,wasalam)“. When the Holy Prophet(sal,lal,la,ho,alai,he,wasalam) invited people to accept Islam, Hazrat Ali(razi,ala,tala,anh) was among the first few who responded to his call.
At the time of the Holy Prophet(sal,lal,la,ho,alai,he,wasalam)‘s migration to Madinah, he remained in Makkah to return the valuables entrusted by different people of Makkah to the Holy Prophet(sal,lal,la,ho,alai,he,wasalam)” for safe-keeping. Just before his departure for Madinah, he was asked by the Holy Prophet(sal,lal,la,ho,alai,he,wasalam) to sleep on his bed while he himself escaped. In Madinah, at the time of mawakhat, he declared Hazrat Ali(razi,ala,tala,anh) to be his brother.
He gave his youngest daughter, Hazrat Fatima, in marriage to him. Hazrat Ali(razi,ala,tala,anh) took part in all the battles fought during the life of the Holy Prophet(sal,lal,la,ho,alai,he,wasalam) except the Tabuk Expedition. In all the battles, he showed great bravery, especially in the Battle of Khyber.
He was present when the Treaty of Hudaibiya was signed and He was also present at the time of the death of the Holy Prophet(sal,lal,la,ho,alai,he,wasalam)“. He was one of those who washed the dead body of the Prophet(sal,lal,la,ho,alai,he,wasalam) and lowered it into the grave. Hazrat Ali(razi,ala,tala,anh) was an adviser and helper of the first two Khalifas, Hazrat Abu Bakr and Hazrat Umar.
After the assassination of Hazrat Usman, the third Khalifa, he was chosen as the fourth Khalifa of Islam. After becoming the Khalifa, Hazrat Ali(razi,ala,tala,anh) had to face many difficulties. It was at this time that Muslims began to fight against each other.
In 40 A.H. some people decided to kill him. On the 18th of Ramazan, while he was leading the morning prayers, he was attacked with a poisoned sword. The wounds proved fatal and he died on the 21st of Ramazan.

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