Prophet Adam(alai,his,salam) Life

Hazrat Adam(alai,his,salam)
Many, many years ago, Allah made the earth, the heavens, the sun and the moon. He made the angels and the jinns. He then decided to create a man. Allah told the angels about His decision. The angels asked Allah: “Why do You want to create someone who will make mischief and shed blood on earth while we praise and worship You all the time?” Allah said: “I know what you do not know.” The angels were silent. Allah created Hazrat Adam(alai,his,salam) from clay.

Prophet Adam
Prophet Adam(alai,his,salam) Life

He gave him a good shape. He breathed life into him. He gave him knowledge and taught him the names of things. He also made a friend for him, Hazrat Hawwa(alai,his,salam). Then Allah called the angels and asked them the names of some things. The angels could not tell their names. Allah asked Hazrat Adam(alai,his,salam) to say those names and he did. Allah ordered the angels to bow down before Hazrat Adam(alai,his,salam). All of them bowed except Iblis, who was a jinn. He refused to bow and disobeyed Allah. When Allah asked him the reason, he replied: “I am better than him. You have made me from fire. You have made him from clay. I will not bow before him.” For his disobedience and pride, Allah punished Iblis.
He ordered him to go away from Heaven. Iblis said: “I am going to take revenge from Adam(alai,his,salam) and his children. I am going to misguide them till the Day of Judgement.” Allah said, “The good people will not follow you. They will be rewarded and will go to Heaven. Those who follow you, will be punished. They will be thrown into Hell.” Allah told Hazrat Adam(alai,his,salam) and Hazrat Hawwa(alai,his,salam) to live in Heaven. He told them that they could eat the fruit of any tree in the garden except the fruit of one particular tree.
Now Iblis began to think of ways to make Hazrat Adam(alai,his,salam) and Hazrat Hawwa(alai,his,salam) disobey Allah. He tried again and again to make them eat the fruit of the forbidden tree. At last, he was successful, and they ate the fruit of that tree. As soon as they ate the fruit, they realized that they had made a mistake. They tried to hide themselves from Allah. But Allah knew, because S., He is everywhere and knows everything. Allah was very angry.
He ordered them to leave Heaven and go and live on earth. Hazrat Adam(alai,his,salam) and Hazrat Hawwa(alai,his,salam) were very sorry. They wept and wept and asked Allah to forgive them. Allah forgave them. He warned them that if they and their children followed Iblis, they would burn in Hell after death. But if they followed the guidance sent by Allah from time to time, He would reward them with Heaven. Hazrat Adam(alai,his,salam) and Hazrat Hawwa(alai,his,salam) spent the rest of their lives obeying Allah and doing good deeds in the hope of going back to Heaven after death.

Allah made Hazrat Adam(alai,his,salam) a prophet and showed him the right way to live. Hazrat Adam(alai,his,salam) was the first man and the first prophet on earth. Hazrat Adam(alai,his,salam) and Hazrat Hawwa(alai,his,salam) had many children and grand children. We are all children of Hazrat Adam(alai,his,salam) and Hazrat Hawwa(alai,his,salam).

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